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Learn About UNADA

Uganda National Agro-input Dealers Association (UNADA) is the national apex organization for all agro-inputs in Uganda. UNADA was registered under the NGO statute in 2003. UNADA believes that the private sector input dealers are the engine of growth for the Ugandan agricultural sector and are the prime force behind the modernization of Uganda’s agriculture and the achievement of national food security resulting from improved yields.  One of the objectives of UNADA is to actively contribute to the modernization of Uganda’s agriculture, and participate in projects aimed at bringing development to the agriculture sector. The association exists to serve the interest of its members and member services are developed in response to the sector’s changing needs.


The most desired Agro-vet and support services association


To promote access to quality, profitable and affordable Agro-vet inputs and professional support services for sustainable development


Our Aims and Objectives


Other Entities We Work With

While implementing our programs, UNADA works with various stakeholders including the government ( Ministry of agriculture animal industry and fisheries),  seed suppliers, farmers’ associations and cooperatives, local and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and agricultural projects namely Sasakawa global 2000, Swedish cooperative centre/ VI project, Uganda Cooperative Alliance, Africa 2000 network, Techno serve, USAID LEAD project, SNV on the promotion of Oil seed value chain to mention but a few  UNADA also works with Makerere University faculty of agriculture on Judicious safe use training and examination of agro-dealers. All these partnerships are aimed at promoting Improved inputs through commercial Input distribution networks’ and also linking agro-dealers to farmers.

A Concerted Effort on the Revival of UNADA

Agricultural markets information service providers.

National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)

District farmers associations and other NGOs supporting farmers’ organizations like Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA), Techno serve, VECO East Africa, Africa 2000 network, Africare and SNV Uganda.

Large processors/ millers / exporters

Faculty of Agriculture Makerere University

Production Departments in District Local Governments

Department of Crop Protection in Ministry of agriculture Animal Industry and Fisheries

National Input Suppliers and distributors