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UNADA Projects

DANIDA funded DAR 2 (Development Assistance to Refugee hosting areas) and RALNUC 2 (Restoration of Agricultural livelihoods in Northern Uganda) projects

DAR 2 and RALNUC 2 are result previous projects DAR 1 and RALNUC 1. DAR2 operates in West Nile region and RALNUC 2 operates in northern Uganda. The immediate objective of DAR2 is to increase agricultural productivity and marketing for low income small farmers in the 5 refugee hosting districts of West Nile (Moyo, Koboko,Adjumani, Yumbe and Maracha-Terego)

The immediate objective of RALNUC 2 is to increase agricultural productivity and marketing for returning IDPS in northern Uganda. The project is implemented in Amuru and Nwoya districts. Under these projects the capacity of UNADA to facilitate market linkages and provide member services to input dealers is being strengthened. UNADA organizes the distribution and sale of agro inputs in the program areas. Distributors have been established in each district and 2 input dealers established in the program sub counties. The two projects have assisted in training agro-dealers in various aspects, facilitating agro-dealer meetings, supporting to UNADA secretariat and regional offices and provision of interest-free credit for inputs to distributors. The projects support the distribution of inputs needed for farmers who receive agricultural training and participate in vouchers for work. The vouchers are used to purchase various agricultural inputs.