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UNADA Projects

Promotion of fertilizer use in Uganda

Duration (months) : 36 Months
Year : 2013 to 2016
Location : 20 Districts in Uganda

Project objectives:

  1. To increase awareness of the benefits of using fertilizers by smallholder farmers in Uganda
  2. To increase access of farmers and agro dealers to affordable agroinput credit
  3. To increase farmers’ access to output markets

Project results:

  1. Organized 1,000 farmer field days to demonstrations plots
  2. Trained 20,000 farmers, input dealers in proper fertilizer use and other ISFM practices
  3. Organized 20 workshops with extension workers and lead farmers.
  4. Mobilized 1200 farmers to group under farmer organizations for easy coordination and support.
  5. Trained 60 agro dealers in credit application, business management and repayment mechanisms.
  6. Linked 60 agro-dealer network with farmer associations.
  7. Facilitated negotiation between financial institutions and farmers to provide affordable input loans
  8. Strengthened linkages between agro-dealers and farmer organizations
  9. Trained farmers on farming as a business and agro-produce marketing.
  10. Trained farmers on post harvest crop management

Total budget (USD) : USD 485,365

Funding source : AGRA