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UNADA Projects

The Alliance for a green revolution in Africa (AGRA project) Agro dealer network strengthening project (ANSU) – Sept 2008 to August 2011

This was a 3-year project which was implemented in collaboration with AT Uganda. The project covered the whole country and its major output areas including; Increasing smallholder access to and demand for agricultural inputs, creating a strong countrywide network of trained professional agro-input dealers, improving profitability and sustainability of rural retailers through effective business development programs and improving access to credit and to improve the national inputs policy environment through a comprehensive policy and advocacy program. Some of the major achievements included; the establishment of 960 demonstrations in the country, sensitized over 400,000 farmers on the use of improved inputs through radio programs and meetings, 566 agro-dealers trained in the safe use and handling of agrochemicals, training over 223 agro-dealers in business plan preparation, in collaboration with MAAIF, over 500 agro-dealers have been inspected and going through the process of certification.